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Townhall II began as two separate, grassroots entities – a crisis line housed on the campus of Kent State University during the 1967-68 academic year and shortly thereafter a community based drop in center conceived by a group of volunteers who wanted to provide immediate help to those in need, and make a positive impact on the drug culture of the era.  The two efforts combined and the organization was incorporated in 1971, providing Portage County, Ohio, with services focusing on drug education, emergency assistance in crisis situations, and medical diagnosis and treatment. 

Over the years, Townhall II grew in response to community needs and expanded services offered to include substance use disorder counseling, services for victims of traumatic crime, and prevention programming. In 1997, Townhall II merged with Portage County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services and increased substance use disorder treatment programs, a Halfway House for women in recovery from substance abuse and addiction, and a DUI school for first time offenders. 

More recently, Townhall II has opened a Medication Assisted Treatment clinic, and added peer support and case management services.  Townhall II has proudly served the community for 50 years.

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Our History

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