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Townhall II promotes a holistic approach to health, wellness, and recovery by providing individuals, families, and communities with prevention, education, advocacy, intervention, and treatment services.


Townhall II commits to be the center of excellence for the Portage County community in providing integrated services, training, and education to ensure its citizens have the support, resources, and skills to achieve and sustain optimum health and wellness.


Client Centered | Respect | Best Practice | Integrity | Compassion I Quality

Our emergency services provide 24-hour services designed to respond to immediate needs of people in the Portage County area and to sustain the support systems of communities throughout Ohio.


Our licensed, professional, caring counselors provide an array of services designed to help treat those struggling with addictions to drugs and/or gambling & mental health issues. 

Prevention Education

Our certified prevention specialists offer evidence based programs to educate the community on substance use and abuse, sexual assault, personal body safety, suicide awareness, and effective parenting.

Rape Crisis Center

Townhall II is the Portage County Rape Crisis Center, serving victims of any violent crime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All services for victims of crime are free and confidential. 

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