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Violence Prevention Education

Violence Prevention Education

Townhall II's Prevention department offers different programs to meet prevention education standards. Listed below is a brief overview of the programs offered. 

Stand Up

  • 4-5 day program for 6th-12th grade

  • Activity rich program focused on sexual and dating violence prevention

  • Meets all state requirements for schools

Dating Violence Teacher Training

This training covers topics such as:

  • An overview of dating violence

  • Supportive/Unsupportive  Relationships

  • Warning signs and red flags

  • Faculty prevention and intervention information


​This training is for middle school and high school staff. Locations vary.  

Child Violence Prevention

Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting

This program covers state-mandated topics such as:


  • Statistics

  • Resources

  • Types of Abuse

  • The Role of Substance Abuse

  • Positive Youth Development

  • Violence Prevention

  • Identifying Abuse

  • Dating Violence Prevention

  • Handling and Reporting Disclosures


The training is available for childcare providers, preschool, elementary school, middle school, and high school staff. Location, cost, and length of training vary.


Personal Body Safety

This program teaches students how to identify potential abuse; how to assert one's body rights, how to tell an adult when self-protection is not possible, and what to do if abuse is witnessed.


The program helps promote greater community and parent awareness about child abuse, and also empowers parents to discuss body safety guidelines with their children.


Program length varies depending on grade level. There is no charge for Portage County schools. Please contact us for out-of-county rates.


For more information about any of these programs, contact Sarah McCully at or 234-236-4803.






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