Portage County Rape Crisis Center

Call 330-678-HELP (4357)
Walk-in services:
Monday-Friday 8AM - 8PM
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Additional Resources


Townhall II is the Portage County Rape Crisis Center, serving victims of any violent crime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All services for victims of crime are free and confidential. For more information about services please contact us at 330-678-3006. 


Crisis Helpline

Be heard and believed by a victim advocate with special training in supporting survivors of violent crime. Advocates are available 24/7 to provide education on your options and resources as a survivor, and also just to listen. Call 330. 678. HELP to talk anytime.

Texting Services

Staffed by the same knowledgeable and caring advocates, our text line can be accessed by texting 330-249-7112 any Saturday, Sunday, or Monday between the hours of 6:00pm-10:00pm. If you are in an emergency or immediate crisis, please call our helpline instead at 330-678-4357.

Hospital Advocacy

In-person support at community hospitals provided 24/7


Police Station Advocacy

In-person support at police stations provided 24/7


Legal Support

Referrals to Safer Futures for legal advocacy provided 24/7

Accompaniment to court for criminal justice proceedings 

Application assistance available for Safe at Home address confidentiality program 


Crime Victim Counseling

Free and confidential counseling is provided by counselors experienced in working with victims suffering from trauma, anxiety, depression, and stress 


Connect to Cope: Sexual Assault & Abuse Support Group

Our support group allows individuals a safe place to process and share their experiences with other survivors. For the safety of all participants, a phone interview with the program facilitator will be required to ensure the group is an appropriate fit. Separate groups are available for men and women.


Duration: Once a week for eight weeks

                  1-2 hour sessions


Please contact Inola Howe at InolaH@townhall2.com or at 330-678-3006 for more information. 


Volunteer Opportunities

Townhall II always accepts applications for Volunteer Crime Victim Advocates. Please contact Alexis Konecek at AlexisK@townhall2.com or at 330-678-3006 ext. 3027. Click the tab on the left for the application and more information.