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Internship Programs

Prevention Education Department


Opportunities for a Prevention intern focus on the following topics: family education, child violence prevention, dating violence prevention and education, and substance abuse prevention. Most programs are school based. Interns provide educational services to all populations ranging from children to adults. Interns also may provide childcare and structured activities to children whose parents are participating in programs. Townhall II will provide supervision, guidance, and free child abuse recognition and reporting training when necessary. 

Crime Victim Advocacy Department


The Crime Victim Advocacy Department does not offer internships at this time. For more information on how to get involved and support victims of crime, please see the "Volunteer Opportunities" page. 

Counseling Department


Counseling internships focus on either substance abuse counseling or mental health counseling (specifically, victims of crime). Most internships are done on a part-time basis over two semesters. Prospective interns must be enrolled in a Master’s level counselor training program and must have completed practicum hours.

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