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Active Parenting

Active Parenting 4th Edition is an evidence based parenting group developed by Dr. Michael Popkin. This program provides information on effective parenting approaches for parents of children 5 - 12 years of age. Topics include discipline, communication, building character, school success, self-care and so much more! 

Townhall II facilitates this 4 week program five times throughout the year. In person sessions also provide free dinner and childcare. Zoom sessions may also be provided.

Participants receive a grocery gift card and a gas gift card for various levels of participation.

Funding for this program is provided by The Ohio Children's Trust Fund.

For more information on how to register, contact Sarah McCully at 330-678-3006 or

For more information on Active Parenting visit

Parenting Wisely 

Parenting Wisely for Young Children is a web based parenting program that gives parents of children 3 - 11 years of age, the additional skills needed to improve family relationships.


Parenting Wisely is an evidence based program that includes topics such as active listening, limit setting and consequences, and building social skills.

The program can be accessed by registering with Sarah McCully at or 330-678-3006. Upon registration, a link will be provided with a 6 month window to complete the 3 - 6 hour course on your own time.

Participants receive a grocery gift card and a gas gift card upon completion of the program and all necessary paperwork.

Parenting Wisely is funded by a grant from the Ohio Children's Trust Fund.

For more information on Parenting Wisely, you can visit

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