Word Search

The word search has several effects of alcohol use. See if you can find them all.  Click here to play!

Brown Ale Beer

Play charades with your family to help everyone remember the dangers of alcohol use. Use the website and what you know about alcohol to play! Gather your family together and have everyone think of three effects of alcohol use but don't tell each other! Then take turns acting out the effects without talking and have your family guess what you are acting out! 

Image by Jakob Owens
Role Play 

There are going to be times where you may be tempted to drink alcohol. You may be pressured or may want to fit in. Remember, underage drinking is NEVER safe. Practice coming up with ways to get out of a situation when alcohol is involved. Ask your family to help you by role playing some situations. For example, have your brother pretend to pressure you into drinking a beer at a family gathering. Practice what you would say to him to avoid drinking alcohol.