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About Us


Townhall II promotes the health, wellness, and recovery of individuals and communities through prevention, education, advocacy, intervention, and treatment.




The vision of Townhall II is of a community with the support, resources, and skills to choose, achieve, and maintain the optimum health, safety, and security of all its citizens.




Integrity | Compassion | Empowerment | Dignity | Non-violence


Townhall II began as two seperate grassroots efforts. On the campus of Kent State University, the crisis line began during the 1967-68 academic year. Soon after, in the city of Kent, a drop-in center was created.


The organizations were conceived by groups of volunteers who wanted to provide immediate help to those in need, and make a positive impact on the drug culture of the era.


The two efforts combined, and Townhall II/ Helpline was incorporated in 1971, providing Portage County with services focusing on drug education and emergency assistance in crisis situations. In 1974, medical diagnosis and treatment services were added.


Over the years, Townhall II has grown and evolved in response to community needs, expanding services to include prevention and education, services to victims of crime, and HIV testing and counseling.


In 1997, Townhall II merged with Portage County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services and enhanced the alcohol and drug services to include increased counseling and outpatient programs, a halfway house for women who are facing substance abuse and addiction, and a DUI school for first-time offenders.

The combined history of the two agencies includes the provision of a wide range of services, proudly serving the community for 50 years.

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